Application Details

The application can be used on all iOS/Android devices, just download the app portal from the Apple iOS or Google Play Store.


Description of Functions

  • Airport Density Altitude (National Weather Service) - Same calculation as ForeFlight, if you do not have ForeFlight you could use this for mountain flying.

  • TAS Calculation, Density Altitude and Pressure Altitude

  • Wind Direction and Speed from TAS - wind direction from (in degrees), speed, head -tailwind, crosswind speed from (left, right).

  • Crosswind Landing Wind Direction - runway, wind direction in degrees, speed, crosswind speed.

  • Beginning of Descent - given altitude to lose and ground speed, calculates start of descent (nm out) and descent rate (fpm)

  • Flying a Left Hand Pattern - given landing runway, gives entry in degrees, downwind, base, and final with graphical representation.

  • Flying a Right Hand Pattern - same as above, only right hand pattern.

  • Time Speed Distance - Time En Route, Fuel Endurance, Solve for Unknown Speed, Fuel Consumption

  • Local UTC/GMT conversion U.S. only

  • Distance Conversions - NM<>SM, NM<>KM, KM<>NM, SM<>KM, FT<>m.

  • Volume Conversions - US GAL<>IMP GAL, LITERS<>US GAL.

  • Fluid Weight Conversion - US GAS (Avgas) >Fuel LBS, US GAL (Turbo) >FUEL LBS, US GAL (Lube Oil) >OIL LBS, IMP GAL (Lube Oil) >OIL LBS

  • Mass Conversions - LBS<>KG

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